Where's My Advantage?

We are here to connect the wide array of program providers with an endless supply of kids in need.

There are so many reasons why kids never get an opportunity to participate in the numerous programs that exist today. One Team Kids Foundation will work to bridge those gaps wherever possible and extend opportunities to kids who might not otherwise get this kind of advantage.

Connecting Kids and Programs

The benefits of extra-curricular school programs are well documented and far reaching

It doesn't take more than a quick Google search to realize the tremendous amount of data showing the benefits of after school programs for kids. Educational performance and achievement, health and public safety, financial well-being, and stronger individuals, families, and communities are just a few of the key markers that are significantly impacted when a child is able to participate in programs of this nature.

  • Keep kids out of trouble
  • Support school-time learning
  • Provide additional exercise
  • Learn new concepts
  • Support working parents
  • Hear inspirational stories
  • Remain under adult supervision
  • Enhance cultural awareness

When confronted with the depth and breadth of potential advantage, how can we not strive to deliver this connection to each and every child that wants it? The One Team Kids Foundation will work diligently to find creative ways to make these opportunities available to all kids.

How We Can Help


We will work to maintain a consistent stream of scholarship funds to offset the cost to families for children to participate in programs.


We will pursue grants, either individually or through partnerships, to secure funding to enhance programs or the availability of programs to kids.


We will create or participate in community events to raise awareness for programs that serve the youth of our communities.

Fundraising Activities

We will create or participate in fundraising activities designed to maximize contributions towards scholarships and program expansion.

PROJECTS: A helping hand

Current Foundation Projects

From time to time we will update the projects we are working on that you or your organization can become directly involved in. These projects will greatly impact kids' ability to participate in valuable programs.

If your organization has an existing project or idea that would benefit from having our Foundation involved, please contact us to discuss.

Principal's Checkbook

We want to deliver a checkbook to interested Principals, allowing them to pay for program fees to allow deserving kids a chance to participate in programs that may have otherwise been previously unavailable to them.

What a great feeling to pay for a child in need!

If you are Principal that would like to participate in this program, please contact us.

Break Camp Scholarships

The opportunity to participate in a camp can be life altering for a child, yet so few who want to ever get the chance. Would you be the resource that bridges the gap between a child and their dream?

Camps come in just as many shapes and sizes as kids do.

If you would be willing to scholarship a child to camp, please contact us today!